Ideas and snippets that aren’t fully formed.

/ Description Date
grad-school-essays The stress-laden essays that I sent in with my graduate school applications. 2017-11-13
lagging-variables-within-groups How to use dplyr to make lagging variables. 2017-10-13
data-science-from-scratch Resources for Transitioning into a Data Science Career. 2017-10-12
grouped-comparisons-graph Making a grouped bar graph with ggplot2. 2017-10-02
tidyr-use-case A small example use of the tidyr R package. 2016-07-20
swirltalk A talk I gave about swirl. 2016-05-10
runconf16 A list of all of the projects from the 2016 ROpenSci Unconference. 2016-04-01
feather A small demo of the feather package for R. 2016-03-29
swirldl Swirl downloads over time. 2016-01-29
dpqr Notes on stats functions in R. 2015-07-15
cli A command line interface tutorial that could be better. 2014-06-26